Slimming World friendly Syn free “Ice Cream ” Cookie Sandwiches

A few weeks ago my five year old saw ice cream cookie sandwiches being made on Food Network and nagged me to make them ever since. So, one rainy half term day last week we made some, and they looked delicious! 

However, at 16 syns per sandwich there was no way I was going to indulge and instead set about thinking to how I could make a more Slimming World friendly one. 

Like most avid Slimmer Worlders I’m hooked on the new Salted Caramel Hifi Bars and wondered how they would turn out if I baked them lightly. So I rolled two up into balls, flattened on greaseproof paper and baked for 8 minutes at 160oC until the caramel had melted but wasn’t bubbling (they’ll set too hard if they bubble). 

After 8ish minutes I removed from the oven (if they’ve spread too far simply shape back into rounds with the edge of a spoon) and left them to set. They should look something like this:

 While they are baking mix some quark with some Teisseire sugar free, syn free vanilla coffee syrup and spoon into a round cookie cutter to form a nice round disc of “ice cream” before putting it in the freezer to chill until the edges are just set. 

When the cookies are chilled and the quark set enough for you to run a knife around the edge to remove the disc, but not completely frozen (it’s a better consistency if it’s slightly soft in the middle), make your sandwich and serve with some choc shot if you fancy (don’t forget to syn it if you do). 
These are completely SYN FREE if you use the two hifi bars as your Healthy Extra B choice and don’t serve with choc shot. 

If you enjoyed this post head over to my Instagram page to see what else I’ve been eating! 


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