Oozy Chocolate French Toast Pockets

I haven’t been sleeping well lately. Well, actually that’s not strictly true…I’ve been struggling to get to sleep then struggling to get up again in the morning, subsequently drinking far too much black coffee to keep me functioning during the day. Anyway, this tiredness coupled with the start of a cold left me hankering for something sweet and stodgy for breakfast this morning. I really fancied proper pancakes with maple syrup and smoked bacon, but actually this is definitely more slimming world friendly.
I took three pieces of crustless wholemeal bread (60g) as my Healthy Extra B choice and brushed the edges with an eggy concoction made by beating an egg with a tsp vanilla extra and a tsp stevia. After brushing the edges, I measured out 1 tbsp Choc Shot (2 syns) and divided between the three pieces of bread dolloping it on one half of each slice.  Taking a corner of a slice, I folded it over diagonally to make a samosa shape and used the back of a fork to crimp it down to seal.  Once all three were folded and crimped I dripped them all in the remaining eggy mixture before dry frying on a medium heat for a few minutes until they were golden.  I served these with some fat free yoghurt mixed with a little vanilla extract and fresh cherries and strawberries.  It definitely hit the spot whilst staying on plan! Yum!

Want to see what else I’ve been eating? Check out my Instagram feed here.


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