Homemade fire starters


In two more sleeps (yes, I’m almost as excited as my four year old), we’re embarking on our second family camping trip, but what I lack in camping experience I make up for in fire starting, which, I hope you’ll agree, is an integral part of a camping holiday. For me, it’s all about the bbq-ing, toasting marshmallows and singing around the camp fire, wrapped in cosy blankets with your nearest and dearest. On removal of the rose tinted glasses, this is, of course, all dependent on the Great British weather not putting a dampener on things, however these nifty little fire starters will definitely get things hotting up.

You’ll simply need a cardboard egg box, enough lint from the dryer to put in each egg compartment and a couple of candles.

Share the lint out between the egg cavities.


Cut up the candles into little pieces, put in an old container you don’t mind throwing away afterwards, set it in a shallow pan of water and simmer until the wax has melted.


Pour over the lint and leave to set. Once you’re ready to start a fire, tear a couple off and use them along with your kindling before adding coals/wood. Viola! Easy, cheap and effective!