A fast (cheat) way to recover a stool

Last week last repainted an old dressing table using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wanted to recover the stool too. I’ve finally got around to doing it, but am showing you a real cheat version. This will be your best friend:


Firstly, press your chosen fabric to remove any creases. Lay the old stool seat on top of the new fabric and cut to size ensuring it’s 2-3 inches larger that the seat. Now make sure the fabric is face down and spray the back of it evenly with the adhesive, before spraying the top of the seat with it too. Lay the seat onto the fabric, obviously making sure the fabric is completely flat and free of creases before you do.  Spray one corner with the glue and fold up and over the seat like so: 


Continue around the seat until all four corners are done.


Now spray one of the sides and fold up as if you’re wrapping a parcel.


Continue all the way around until your corners look something like this.


Now at this point, if you have a staple gun go around the edges to secure it further. I don’t have a staple gun so am relying on the base to give extra holding power to the fabric as there’s enough fabric to go under where the base will lie.  See pic, as I’m not doing a great job of explaining!


Screw the base back on and there you go; probably the easiest way ever to recover a stool!




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