Sweetie cone party favours.

I don’t know about you, but I reluctantly admit I’m not a fan of traditional kids party bags. I’ve done them for P’s previous birthday parties but can’t help feeling like I may as well be setting fire to my cash as I fill my shopping basket with bags of plastic tat, party poppers and those horrifically irritating party blower things. Eurgh!

Bah-humbug you may cry, but this year I’m going down the sweetie cone root. Yes, I realise there’s a huge sugar debate going on at the moment and yes, I admit to feeling a pang of guilt as I think back to a TV documentary I watched last week about five years old having to have their teeth pulled out.  That said, it’s supposed to be a treat, an occasional thing, and it’s up to the parents to implement some sensible rationing (as I attempted to do as we merrily filled piping bags this afternoon.  It was hard when I had this little excited face asking me for,  “just one more” every three seconds!).


Anyway, here are the finished products. Easter themed as her party falls on Easter Weekend this year.




One thought on “Sweetie cone party favours.

  1. Hannah I love these, I do them for all the parties we throw. Like you said they’re an occasional treat, as an ex dental nurse I debated putting oral health guides in the first year haha but the reality is, it’s how many times a day you intake sugar not how much you have. If you suck one bar of chocolate but make it last all day it is much worse for your teeth than if you scoff a bag full of sweets after lunch and then again after dinner. We go for the no sugar in the morning then if they have a dessert after lunch and after dinner it is no problem. Two sugar intakes a day is fine 🙂 sorry for the mini preach just didn’t know if you knew (from a teeth perspective obviously not for your body *Winks*)

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