Frugal February. Week 1

For us self-employed types, the deadline for paying our tax bills was yesterday. Ouch. Don’t panic America, I’m writing from the UK. Anyway, January 31st equals a very frugal February for us, so I thought share my plans for our main meals trying to keep them relatively low cost.

Obviously, all costings are approximate, and I haven’t included things like seasonings, home grown herbs, condiments or eggs laid by our own hens. So, here goes, this is what we’ll be feasting on this week. The amounts are per entire meal, rather than price per portion.

Monday: Vegetarian chilli & rice £3.04

Tuesday: BBQ beans using the left over chilli as a base, with ciabatta. Find the recipes here. £1.46

Wednesday: Roasted vegetable and red pesto pasta. £3.17

Thursday: Spinach and Salmon frittata with greens. £3.30


Phoebe was especially excited about tonight's dinner!

Friday: Our weekly curry night. This week prawn balti. £3.61

Saturday: Steak fajitas with guacamole (quorn version for hubby). £5.70

Sunday: Vegetarian toad in the hole with vegetables. £2.14… Unfortunately after a hectic day of church then hosting a Contact the Elderly tea party I was too tired to cook, so we had a cheat tea of sausage butties instead!

That comes to a grand total of £22.42, or on average £3.20 per day, or £1.07 per portion for the three of us. Happy days!  What’s on your menu plan this week? I’d love to know so do leave a comment below. You might inspire me for next week.


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