Homemade pot noodles


I love the idea of convenience food, it’s just a shame that with a lot of commercial brands what you gain in convenience you lose in nutrition.

I first saw these on Pinterest and thought they were a brilliant, and very cute idea.  I find it hard to resist anything in a flip-lid jar.  Portable,  healthy and convenient, the list of what you can add to these noodle soup pots is endless. Today for the soup base I mixed a tablespoon of dark soy sauce, with a tablespoon of oyster sauce, one of sweet chilli, a teaspoon of hot sauce, a crumbled chicken oxo cube, a tablespoon of lime juice and some Szechwan pepper. I mixed it all together and divided between two 500ml flip-top jars. 


Next place a handful of pre-cooked egg or rice noodles on top of the soup base.


Top with thinly sliced veggies of your choice.  I used spinach, spring onions, sugar snap peas, baby corn, fresh red chilli, a few fresh mint leaves and coriander.


Add some cooked shredded chicken and a few more coriander leaves. 


At this point you can close the lid, put it in the fridge, take it with you to work or for a picnic. So long as the chicken is in date and everything else is fresh they will last for a few days in the fridge.  When you’re ready to eat it, pour on hot, but not boiling water up to the lower rim, give it a stir and close the lid for three minutes. Check the seasoning and add more chilli, lime, coriander or soy according to your tastes.  Enjoy!



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