Wholly Guacamole!


I’m a fan of good guacamole. Not the processed, sloppy, remnants of the flu like guacamole you find at the supermarkets, but the fresh, zingy, pack-a-taste-punch stuff.  Completely, totally, wholly guacamole.

For this recipe you’ll need:
2 ripe avocados
3 spring onions
2 cloves garlic
A small bunch of coriander
A handful of ripe baby plum tomatoes
A lime or two (I didn’t have any limes in so used lemons instead which are fine but I prefer limes for this really)
Half to a whole jalapeño chilli.
Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Chop up the the onions, coriander, tomatoes, chilli and garlic very finely.


Chop up the avocados until they’re slightly mashed but chunky at the same time, then add in the chopped ingredients and mix through. Season with salt and pepper and squeeze in the juice from one of the limes (or lemons). Give it a taste. Add more lime juice/seasoning as needed. Put the avocado stones back into the guacamole to prevent it discolouring, cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.




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