Phoebe’s Scones


Thankfully there are very few things my daughter refuses to eat. Since she was weaned she has eaten the same as us, and enjoys a broad and varied range of meals, however there’s one thing she just doesn’t seem to like… Sandwiches. So I find myself looking for new ideas to put in her nursery lunchbox to avoid the monotony of pasta salad, cheese and biscuits and deconstructed sandwiches.

A friend suggest I try savoury muffins, so I had a look at recipes but actually settled on a basic cheese scone, amped up by a few basic ingredients chosen by Phoebe. When I asked her what she wanted in them she said “olives, cheese, bacon and orange peppers”! I thought spring onions would work better than peppers so subbed them out. We baked them together yesterday afternoon and Phoebe seems to love the results. You’ll need:

450g self raising flour
110g butter (I used unsalted as I was adding olives and bacon which add the salt element)
300ml whole milk
70g grated strong cheddar cheese
6 rashers of smoked Streaky bacon cooked to a crisp so you can crumble them.
3 spring onions very finely sliced.
A handful of pitted and chopped olives of your choice.

Rub the butter into the flour to make a breadcrumb consistency. Throw in the cheese, olive, bacon and onions and mix. Season with black pepper, then gradually mix in the milk until the dough comes together. Cut out desired shapes and sizes of scone and place on greaseproof paper on a baking tray. Brush the tops with milk and bake at avoid 200oC for approximately 15-20 minutes until golden.

Leave to cool slightly before eating and serve with butter.  I actually wrapped these in foil individually and froze them so I can take them out the night before nursery and they’ll have defrosted in time for Phoebe to enjoy at lunchtime.



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