Homemade Butter


It’s rare that we run out of butter in this household, but alas, we did this morning. Not wanting to deny Phoebe the buttered bagel she had asked for as part of her breakfast, I dug some left over double cream out of the fridge, stuck it in the Kitchen Aid with a large pinch of salt, and whisked on high until clumps of butter were formed and the buttermilk separated (you’ll need the cover on your kitchen aid/mixer to stop buttermilk splattering everywhere).


Once you’ve got to this stage, put a piece of muslin or a clean tea towel in a bowl, and pour the mixture into it.


Squeeze out the excess buttermilk.


And there you have it; salted butter in a flash! You can of course leave the salt out and use the buttermilk in baking, or indeed flavour with herbs and/or garlic. phew, crisis averted!



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