Chocolate Balloon Bowl


I actually made this a while ago before my blogging days, and have been meaning to post it for ages. This is one show stopper dessert that looks amazing, but doesn’t require much in the way of skill.

You’ll need a balloon, a packet each of dark, white and milk chocolates, a Bain Marie to melt the chocolates and something to perch the balloon in. Firstly, blow the balloon up, but not too full. Stand it in a mug or something to keep it stable, and put a piece of foil or baking paper underneath to catch any drips. Now melt the dark choc so it is just melted, check that it’s not too warm (trust me, you don’t want to spend forever wiping ribbons of dark chocolate off your kitchen because the balloon exploded!…yes, it happened to me!). If the chocolate is just warm you should be ok. Pour it over the top of the balloon and leave to set. Do the same with the white and then milk.


Once the choc is set, remove the balloon from the mug, and place a dollop of melted choc on the baking paper and stand the upturned balloon in it. You now have a stand for your bowl.


Once fully set, very carefully make a minute cut in the knot of the balloon aiming to let the air out very slowly. If you do it slow enough, the balloon should come off in one piece. If it doesn’t, pic away the bits that are stuck to the chocolate. Fill with your favourite dessert (I used a very simple to make Eton Mess).

Place the bowl on a large platter and smash in front of your guests upon serving.



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