Broccoli and Blue Cheese Soup


Isn’t wonderful how just a few quality ingredients can produce such a tasty outcome? Today was a dreary, drizzly day and I wanted something wholesome and warming to brighten it up. After a little digging around in the fridge I concocted this simple soup using a leek, a couple of sticks of celery, a head of broccoli stalk and all, some stock, seasoning, a teaspoon of crushed garlic and a few cubes of frozen spinach.


Soften the leek and celery in a pan with some oil, adding in the garlic after a couple of minutes. Throw in the broccoli and add the stock. I used some chicken stock and also some water I had frozen after cooking red cabbage earlier in the week.  I figured anything that turns this vivid purple colour naturally must contain some goodness!



When the broccoli was tender I whizzed the soup up and realised that it was a revolting mushroom colour due to the blending of the green vegetables and the purple stock, so threw in a few cubes of frozen spinach to try to remedy the colour failure, along with the crumbled blue cheese.


Thankfully it worked and some vibrancy was restored! I served this with a few Slow Roasted Herby Cherry Tomatoes and some chopped garlic chives.



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