Steak…I seared it my way.


Steak. One of the tastiest, most enjoyable indulgent pleasures, yet one of the most common culinary disaster zones. Here are my simple foolproof tips to avoid annihilating your favourite cut.

Firstly, choose your steak wisely. Personally, I love a good sirloin. I like it relatively thick, and I always try to choose one with some marbling as the fat keeps the meat moist and adds a depth of flavour leaner cuts lack.


I usually leave my steak out on the counter top all day on the day I plan to use it. This ensures it comes up to room temperature ready for cooking, and gives it a few more hours to mature.

Heat a dry, nonstick pan on the hob over a medium high heat. While the pan is warming, oil the steak and season with freshly milled salt and pepper.


Put the oiled steak into the pan and cook for two or three minutes each side, depending on how thick it is and how you like it cooked. Don’t be tempted to keep checking it. Just put it in the pan and leave it be. The result should be seared, golden brown loveliness as so:


Remove it from the pan, and place on a warm, but not hot, plate. Top with a knob of butter (I used the simple wild garlic butter I showed you in a previous post), and cover with tin foil.



Now, let it rest. Simply let it sit there, finishing itself off, relaxing those meaty fibres and getting deliciously juicy.

After about six to eight minutes, serve your meaty masterpiece with whatever you fancy. I often top a Pho soup with it, but today fancied little roasted garlic chive and rosemary potatoes and an interesting salad.


So to recap:
1) Buy a decent thickness of steak with some fat marbling.
2) Take out if the fridge the morning of the day you plan to eat it to allow it to come up to room temp, and mature a bit more.
3) Oil the steak not the pan.
4) Season well.
5) Sear in the pan without repeatedly turning it over.
6) Allow to rest wrapped in a foil blanket.


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