Pre-pancake light supper


Growing up, pancake day was always a lot of fun. My mum would make the best pancake mixture the night before, and let it rest in the fridge, ready for cooking up the next day. I remember each year my sister and I would ask if we could just have pancakes for dinner, and some years we succeeded! Either way, we’d end up sitting around the table watching one, or both, of our parents flipping those paper thin, golden disks of deliciousness. My dad was chief tosser in our house, and Sarah and I took great delight in the fact we could call him that one day a year without being banished to our rooms! Anyway, as much as I still adore pancakes I wanted to get some goodness in our tummies this evening before our carb and sugar laden treats.

Soup is a great way if getting lots of veggie and fruity goodness into Phoebe, so I simply roasted off a tray of baby vine and halved salad tomatoes, along with a leek, five or six cloves of garlic and a couple of small diced sweet potatoes.


Once they were sliced, I seasoned with a teaspoon of cumin seeds, freshly ground black pepper and salt, and a glug of olive oil, before putting in the oven at 160oC for about an hour and fifteen minutes, turning occasionally.


Once roasted, I added them to a pot of simmering stock (I suggest using veg or chicken) and whizzed up until smooth. If you want a really smooth soup then I’d recommend passing it through a sieve, but it really isn’t necessary. Adjust the seasoning to your taste. I served ours with a drizzle of double cream and some garlic chives. Delicious!



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