The Babilla culinary archives


Before Christmas we enjoyed a few days visiting family on the south coast, and whilst there my Granny presented me with a ziplock bag full of old recipes. Some handwritten, some printed, some cut out of magazines. I’m quite a sentimental person, but even I was surprised at just how endearing these yellowing pieces of culinary history are to me.

Moving from Baghdad to the Shetland Isles in the 1950`s, my Assyrian granny was a whizz in the kitchen, and her fingers were always busy rolling rice into vine leaves, stuffing kubbah or putting little morsels of deliciousness in my mouth as she was cooking. Over the years of moving around (Cornwall after Shetland, Cyprus, Turlock in California, and finally back to the UK as they grew older) she inevitably picked up various regional recipes and I still maintain that she makes the best Cornish pasties I have tasted!

What charmed me most about these precious scraps of paper with the almost illegible handwriting, is the fact that half of them don’t even say what the recipe is at the top. They’re just lists of random ingredients… I’m going to love trying them just to figure out what they’re actually meant to be! Here are a few snaps to whet your appetites.


I have no idea how old some of these are.


I love how this says 'introducing' oregano! Introducing! Seriously?


Yum! A jello salad!


Post it note recipes!


I even found a couple my mum had sent Granny in 1996


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