Tinsel or no Tinsel? That is the question.


Now I know I’m likely to unleash a whole bucket of worms with this post, but I like a good old fashioned debate.

I for one would definitely not class myself as a tree purist. I don’t do colour coordination when it comes to my Christmas tree. I just don’t get why people do it. Nothing on our tree matches.  Every ornament has a story behind it and they work together in juxtaposed harmony to create a vision as gaudy as Blackpool Illuminations, but equally as mesmerising.

There is definitely no tinsel snobbery in this household. We use it loud and proud. There’s absolutely no other time during the year you can get away with using fake gold metallic anything, so make the most of it I say! None of those beaded string alternatives here.  Anyway, here are a few of my favourite decorations.


I love this angel. It came as part of a set and was given to me by a Consultant Psychiatrist I used to work for.


Phoebe made this one only yesterday. Love her creativity and the fact she piled as much stuff on it as she could!


I adore this tiny glass nativity scene. He is the reason for the season afterall!


Ah, my princess's first Christmas back in 2011.



I believe...


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