Christmas traditions

Growing up, Christmas was all about the traditions… My dad being made to stand in the same spot each year by mum, with his arms outstretched towards the ceiling to measure how tall the tree should be (like the ceilings might have magically heightened, or he’d had a later in life growth spurt!). Having the same (mock) argument with my sister every year about who the fuzzy reindeer with the missing spots actually belonged to. Going to the same garden centre each year to get the tree and choose one new tree ornament each. Drinking a thimble full of Harvey’s Bristol Creme and prancing around to ‘Cliff Richard’s Christmas Classics’ whilst we decorated the tree. Opening a present on Christmas Eve. Enjoying smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on Christmas morning with the family before church. I could go on!

It’s these little things that make Christmas truly magical for me. These things are the glue that cements our family together. The things other people might look in on and think are silly or mundane. Not for us. This is the stuff of life for us.

Coming from such a tight knit family, it was really important to me to harbour traditions in my own little family unit when I got married a decade ago, and now Phoebe is here I want her to be able to look back on her childhood Christmases and remember all the fun little things we did that make our Christmas unique to us.

The first in our little box of Christmas rituals is chopping our tree down (which is somewhat of a novelty here in the uk), then going to ‘Hot Choc Choc Point’, a little spot on Beacon Fell we’ve aptly named because we always take a flask of hot chocolate up there. Phoebe loves it! Enjoy the pictures. More to follow when we’ve dressed our tree…


Just arrived to start our tree hunt


It's a family affair


The stuff of life


The chosen one!


Good job Daddy!


At Hot Choc Choc Point!




Silly fun


Ready to be adorned!


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