Cinnamon swirl scones


With friends coming round for a play date this afternoon, I wanted to treat them to something tasty and freshly baked, but I knew I was going to be pressed for time having spent the morning in the gym (having a preemptive calorie burning session!). These cinnamon scones were just the thing, being incredibly fast to make and utterly delicious.

You’ll need:
550g self raising flour
110g salted butter
50g caster sugar
300ml milk

A couple of tablespoons of soft dark sugar, caster sugar and two or three teaspoons of ground cinnamon to taste, and a large knob of butter for melting.

Plus icing sugar and water to glaze.

Here’s how to do it:
Dress sous chef in appropriate attire…


Chip the butter into the flour and rub together until you have a fine crumb.



Add the sugar and milk and mix to firm a dough. Roll the dough out into a rough rectangular shape on a floured surface. You’re looking for a thickness of about a centimetre.


Sack the sous chef on the grounds of inappropriate conduct…


Melt a knob of butter and spread over the dough.


Then mix brown sugar, caster sugar and the ground cinnamon in a bowl.


Sprinkle the mixture over the butter drenched dough being sure to leave a gap on one of the long sides of about an inch.


Roll up, sealing with the edge that’s still bare.


At this point, if you have time roll the rolled up dough in greaseproof paper and chill in the fridge (or freeze for use at a later date). Doing this won’t affect the taste but will give you a more circular shape when you come to slice them. On this occasion I didn’t have time, so just went ahead and sliced them immediately.


You will always end up with a runt of the batch from either end,  but that’s ok… Chef’s treat!


Look at those swirls of cinnamony goodness! Yum!


Bake at 180oC for approximately 20 minutes or until golden.


Leave to cool for ten minutes or so before transferring to a cake stand and drizzling with icing. Invite a few friends over and enjoy!


Steph's never far from a baked good!


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