Making scents of Christmas


At the bottom of our garden, just over the fence, we have a rather majestic 300 year old oak tree. It stands proud, its branches enveloped in ivy. Every few years though it drops hundreds of acorns all over lawn, and this year is one of them.


Concerned about an orchard of little oak trees sprouting on our land, I decided that Phoebe and I should gather up as many acorns as we could. Phoebe got bored fairly quickly…


We eventually ended up with a large tub of acorns although looking at the ground you wouldn’t have known we’d been there!


Most of them went to an early grave in the brown bin, but we kept a couple of handfuls to display in my oversized martini glass.


Although pretty, they needed a bit of something extra to lift them which is when I thought about doing out some sliced clementines, star anise, cloves and cinnamon in the oven to make a Christmas scented pot-pourri (for want of a better word… Pot-pourri sounds so 80’s!).


It couldn’t be easier and is a fun thing to do with kids. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper, slice the clementines and put on the paper, sprinkle on everything else and bake in a low oven for a couple of hours until the clementines have dried out. Your house will smell amazing.


Once dried out, toss the clementine mixture with the acorns and display. You can keep the scent fresh by adding a few drops of essential oil every so often. I like to use frankincense or cinnamon. This warm, homely smell is bound to get you in the mood for Christmas… Even in October!


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