60th birthday cake


It’s my amazing mum’s 60th birthday this weekend and we’re planning to surprise her in Cardiff today. She knows she’s going with my dad but has no idea that Ste, Phoebe and I will be there too (so don’t blow it if you happen to see her before they set off later!).

Anyway, of course I wanted to make her a cake, so I’ve spent yesterday evening decorating it having baked it earlier that day. I have to admit I’m worried about this one. She’s not a fan of butter icing so I opted for a carrot cake with a cream cheese icing without really considering the fact that a) cream cheese needs refrigerating, and b) it’s more runny than butter icing and less likly to take the weight of the fondant on top. Hmmmmm. Hindsight is of course wonderful… Anyway, there’s not a whole lot I can do about it now, and I have to admit last night is the first time I’ve ever prayed over a cake whilst putting it to bed in the fridge! I’m hoping the hotel will have a fridge it can reside in until Sunday, that is of course if it survives the four hour road trip later.

Here are some pics for you to enjoy…








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