Wow factor chocolate slab



We’ve all seen those beautiful chocolate slabs adorned with luscious dried fruits, crunchy nuts, sweets and sometimes even gold leaf, but tempting as they are I resent paying upwards of £15 for them when I could knock one up myself for half the price, and in little over ten minutes. Plus there’s the added bonus that I can gleefully boast to the recipient that “I made it myself”! Here’s how easy it is:

Buy the best quality chocolate you can as it will set better after melting. I used a bar each of white, milk and dark Green & Black’s.


Melt each chocolate separately in a bain-marie, stiring occasionally. Meanwhile put a piece of greaseproof paper on a tray or baking sheet.

Once the choc is melted pour the dark on one side of the tray in a rough line, then the milk on the other side of the tray so it’s opposite the dark, then pour the white in the middle to fill the gap between milk and dark. Use a skewer to swirl the chocolates into each other to create a pretty pattern and start your adornment process. I used cranberries, sour cherries, raisins, nuts and gold sugar (turns out Sainsbury’s don’t stock gold leaf!).

Leave to set, then peel off the greaseproof paper, wrap in cellophane and tie a ribbon round it. There you have it, chocolatier style chocolate for half the price. Perfect for Christmas, but this one is for a certain someone’s special birthday…



My little helper in her element!


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