Pink Ombre birthday cake


Which three year old little girl wouldn’t love this cake?… Pink, pink, pink, oh and sweeties! Perfect!

Once you’ve made your usual Vicky Sponge cake batter, weigh it and then divide by four so you will end up with four equal layers after baking. My batter weighed a total of 800g so I knew each layer needed 200g of batter. Then I added a tiny amount of pink colour paste into the mixture before taking out 200g for the first layer. After the first layer was in its tin I added more of the colour to the original mixture before spooning out another 200g for the second layer. Put these two layers in the oven for about 12 minutes.

Once they’re done, flip the cakes onto a cooling wrack and re-grease the tins ready for the third and fourth layer. Add some more colour to the batter before taking out another 200g for the third layer and then add a bit more colour to the remaining batter before transferring to the tin. Bake the third and fourth layer as the first two, for about 12 mins. Flip them out once cooked and leave to cool before decorating.

I made some white buttercream for in between the layers and then just decorated simply with pink icing and pink sweets. Lovely.


All ready for the birthday girl


Ombre layers.




Went down well with the birthday girl!


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