My recipe, in an actual book!

Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Book KubbahToday I had the great surprise of receiving a parcel that I wasn’t expecting. My anticipation was heightened for the mere fact that it wasn’t even delivered to my door, but to our old place, and I had to drive across town to collect it. The hubster was excited because he thought it was a birthday present from my sister in Japan which appears to have got lost en route, but he was wrong. It was for me. I ripped it open and to my sheer delight it was a recipe book. Not just any old recipe book, but a recipe book with one of my recipe’s printed in it! I am rather excited about this! Book full page I have had lots of articles published in the past, mainly in NHS mental health magazines which was my job before I became a mummy, but this is different. I am passionate about food and also about my Assyrian heritage, and to have the opportunity to share this is thrilling! The book, ‘Food Glorious Food’, accompanies the TV series which is starting at the end of Feb on ITV – be sure to tune in.


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